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AGNES's SUNSET FLUFF is an exclusive slime from the POTCHA SLIMES ANIMAL CROSSING COLLECTION 2020, inspired by Agnes. Agnes is a black and white "sisterly" pig that has a caring and protective disposition with a tomboyish streak. She wears a pink and yellow halter dress. She is, in our opinion, extremely underrated. We love her so much she just had to be included in this capsule collection. This DIY butter slime features a creamy black clay base underneath with a layer of special imported clay on top which we lovingly watercoloured ourselves to look like a sunset with her signature yellow and pink colours. It is perfectly feminine, yet tough, just like Agnes. This slime is perfect for beginners due to it's texture and is scented deliciously like strawberries AND Oreo cookies.

As a note, due to the nature of this slime, it may mix in transit (the black layer may bleed to the top), we do our due diligence to make sure that the slime does not mix as much as possible.

All slimes come with a custom charm unless otherwise noted.

POTCHASLIMES does not own Animal Crossing and is not affiliated with Nintendo. Customized artwork copyright belongs to Potcha Slimes.

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